Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Time passes...

and it flows
on and on and on, it goes...

It has been nearly a year since my last post. My little one is getting older and simply sprinting through her toddler years already and my life has become more interesting, but less time invested in me and more into her, which is not to say a bad thing.

We went to the Butterfly World Project last month as butterflies have been the new sensation and now the thing for the month of May is everything TURTLES. If this is signs of what is to come, it's gonna be a fun ride *clicks belt*

Allergies have played up since a nice walk out on a local trail but in combination a cold has sneaked onto the same scene so has been reeking havoc on my poor body. I hope in the next few days it all clears up. Pollen is so not my friend nor is springtime colds. They can all go and do one.

Just finished eating a banana out of guilt, as I am far too lazy to toss it into the blender with some orange and strawberries but don't want to just throw it in the waste bin. So gob it is and unfortunately not the most pleasant experience.

The Sad Banana

On the flipside, going to make myself a nice nespresso shake to greet this early afternoon, so rock on, all! (what can I say but I am a slave to yummy caffeine, so will take the effort to pop in a nespresso pod, put some vanilla ice cream in a cup, mix it together with a splash of milk for consistency and VIOLA! Coffee shake.)

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Reflecting on the past...

Similar to my Pound Purry I used.
remembering my Intro to Drama class in high school, over 16 years ago and half my life away. I had to choose a monologue and that ended up being Alice in Wonderland. It was the scene in which Alice was chatting with her cat about things and wants to go through the looking glass(mirror).
Little does she realise, she is able to go through the glass and ends up on the other side.

I did my best British accent, had a prop(pound purry) and moved about the room.

I got an A+ for this, which was actually better than a girl that would often play the leads in the school musicals. I was quite chuffed and still am, really. :-p I mean, I did memorise a few pages worth.

Here is the "monologue" from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland:

 'Kitty, can you play chess? Now, don't smile, my dear, I'm asking it seriously. Because, when we
were playing just now, you watched just as if you understood it: and when I said "Check!" you
purred! Well, it WAS a nice check, Kitty, and really I might have won, if it hadn't been for that nasty
Knight, that came wiggling down among my pieces. Kitty, dear, let's pretend--' And here I wish I
could tell you half the things Alice used to say, beginning with her favourite phrase 'Let's pretend.'
She had had quite a long argument with her sister only the day before --all because Alice had begun
with 'Let's pretend we're kings and queens;' and her sister, who liked being very exact, had argued that
they couldn't, because there were only two of them, and Alice had been reduced at last to say, 'Well,
YOU can be one of them then, and I'LL be all the rest.' And once she had really frightened her old
nurse by shouting suddenly in her ear, 'Nurse! Do let's pretend that I'm a hungry hyaena, and you're a

 But this is taking us away from Alice's speech to the kitten. 'Let's pretend that you're the Red Queen,
Kitty! Do you know, I think if you sat up and folded your arms, you'd look exactly like her. Now do
try, there's a dear!' And Alice got the Red Queen off the table, and set it up before the kitten as a
model for it to imitate: however, the thing didn't succeed, principally, Alice said, because the kitten
wouldn't fold its arms properly. So, to punish it, she held it up to the Looking-glass, that it might see how sulky it was--'and if you're not good directly,' she added, 'I'll put you through into Looking-glass House. How would you like THAT?'

'Now, if you'll only attend, Kitty, and not talk so much, I'll tell you all my ideas about Looking-glass House. First, there's the room you can see through the glass--that's just the same as our drawing room, only the things go the other way.
I can see all of it when I get upon a chair--all but the bit behind the fireplace. Oh! I do so
wish I could see THAT bit! I want so much to know whether they've a fire in the winter: you never
CAN tell, you know, unless our fire smokes, and then smoke comes up in that room too--but that may be only pretence, just to make it look as if they had a fire.
Well then, the books are something like our books, only the words go the wrong way; I know that, because I've held up one of our books to the glass, and then they hold up one in the other room.

 'How would you like to live in Looking-glass House, Kitty? I wonder if they'd give you milk in there?
Perhaps Looking-glass milk isn't good to drink--But oh, Kitty! now we come to the passage. You can just see a little PEEP of the passage in Looking-glass House, if you leave the door of our drawing-room wide open: and it's very like our passage as far as you can see, only you know it may be quite different on beyond. Oh,Kitty! how nice it would be if we could only get through into Looking- glass House! I'm sure it's got, oh! such beautiful things in it!
Let's pretend there's a way of getting through into it, somehow, Kitty. Let's pretend the glass has got all soft like gauze, so that we can get through. Why, it's turning into a sort of mist now, I declare! It'll be easy enough to get through--' She was up on the chimney-piece while she said this, though she hardly knew how she had got there.
And certainly the glass WAS beginning to melt away, just like a bright silvery mist.

 In another moment Alice was through the glass, and had jumped lightly down into the Looking-glass
room. The very first thing she did was to look whether there was a fire in the fireplace, and she was
quite pleased to find that there was a real one, blazing away as brightly as the one she had left behind.
'So I shall be as warm here as I was in the old room,' thought Alice: 'warmer, in fact, because there'll
be no one here to scold me away from the fire. Oh, what fun it'll be, when they see me through the
glass in here, and can't get at me!'

 Then she began looking about, and noticed that what could be seen from the old room was quite
common and uninteresting, but that all the rest was as different as possible. For instance, the pictures
on the wall next the fire seemed to be all alive, and the very clock on the chimney-piece (you know
you can only see the back of it in the Looking-glass) had got the face of a little old man, and grinned at


Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Secret Cinema - Back to the Future event

So, today was a complete fail...well, for most people trying to get tickets to the Back to the Future event, in which they are re-creating Hill Valley and literally throwing you into the movie.

Spent nearly 2.5 hours refreshing and checking out twitter, facebook, etc for updates as so many errors, 404, 500 internal errors, and so forth.

There were so many issues, they stopped the chance to get tickets and will do the same again, but tomorrow with a different ticket operator.

Wish I could get that time back, but fingers crossed that tickets will be made available tomorrow and a lot easier. I look very forward to attending this event.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And yes...

it has been some time, but heck, I popped a kid nearly a year and a half ago.
Will try to update, as they say. ;-)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Post No. 778

It has been a little time in between this and my last post.
I should make it more of a habit to post my thoughts and ideas, but since the arrival of a little newcomer, makes things a bit more difficult.
But like most people say, I will make every attempt to be more on the proverbial ball.

Bye for now!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Paper Mario Sticker Star

As reviewed by my wonderful husband, Jassen. Please do have a look and vote 5 stars!

Paper Mario Sticker Star review

Not directly related, but with a random video review Jassen is playing on his iPad for the new Super Mario Bros game on Wii U, actually starting to get excited at the prospect of owning the new console. We shall see!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

2012 US Election

So, it's that time again. Four years have past since my last post about the US Election, in which Obama was voted into office.

2008 Election post

I was watching a little bit of BBC news this morning and one of the guests, who was originally from Texas stated that in states that are notorious of being republican or democratic "don't count" and really the focus is on swing states such as Ohio.

Umm, excuse me? Yes, it does. Regardless on whether or not my state, Indiana, will more than likely vote Republican doesn't take anything away from my voting democratic. The fact of the matter is that I exercised my right as a citizen of the United States and my vote takes away from the opposing side. My vote, plus another democratic vote equals...2 votes, which is 2 more than if myself and another individual did not vote and closer to the prospect that enough people might have done the same to swing the state in our favour.

Granted, there is definitely a focus on the 8 swing states, which are:

Colorado Florida Iowa Nevada New Hampshire Ohio Virginia Wisconsin.

I will be watching the Election coverage again this year, which will start at 11.35pm(GMT) and will run through the night. I will attempt to stay up for as long as possible, but more than likely will find out the results early Wednesday morning, depending on if the electoral votes result in dead heat and then would be taken to the House and they have a ridiculous amount of time for a deadline which is sometime in next March.

Also, it is worth noting that it would be the Senate that would then select the Vice President in.

I really hope that Obama gets voted in. If Romney gets into the White House(who swings in his stances as much as a swing state), I do believe that not only will the US plunge into the Dark Ages, it will oscillate in negative waves throughout the rest of the world.